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17th century shipwreck found


Amateur divers have discovered a sunken ship they believe is a Swedish royal navy vessel that went down off Stockholm in 1660 with a cargo of gold and jewels, they said Thursday.

The divers said they had not found the Resande Man’s precious cargo, which the ship was carrying to Poland as a gift from the Swedish government when it sank in the Baltic Sea in November 1660.

“Obviously, we were hoping to discover it,” one of the divers, photographer Peter Jademyr, said. But he said the team of five divers still hoped to find the treasure.

The divers located the ship, whose name means Travelling Man, on May 17 off Sweden’s southeastern coast just south of Stockholm, Jademyr said.

“It’s in rather poor shape,” he said, adding that the divers are “99 per cent” sure the wreck is the Resande Man.

“There are a lot of indications that this is really it: the location, its appearance, the objects we’ve found. The only thing that could confirm it 100 per cent is the ship’s bell, which had its name inscribed.”

The ship was found 20 metres deep.

Divers said it measured 25 metres long by seven metres wide – half the size of the Vasa, the prize ship in the Swedish war fleet, which sank on its maiden voyage in 1628 and is now in the Vasa Museum after being salvaged in 1961 and restored.

Last year divers found the Mars, flagship of king Erik XIV’s fleet, which sank in the Baltic in 1564 during a major battle against the Danes.

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